Bra size guide

Uncertain of the proper size?
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Just e-mail us your British/ American size you usually wear, together with your over and under bust measurements (under bust measurement taken tightly, over bust- loosely)  and we will help to convert/ evaluate/ set out your size.
Avocado bras are manufactured in Continental Europe, so our sizes are a little different. When shopping, simply pick up your normal British/US size. Below is a list of how these sizes compare to European sizes. So if the size on the tag differs from your order size, that's perfectly expected!
British -> European/ Avocado

30D -> 65D/70C

30DD -> 65E/70D

30E -> 65F/70E

30F-> 65G/70F

30G -> 65H/70G

30H -> 65J/70H


32D -> 70D/75C

32DD -> 70E/75D

32E -> 70F/75E






34DD -> 75E/80D

34E -> 75F/80E

34F ->75G/80G

34G ->75H/80H


36D -> 80D/85D

36DD -> 80E/85D

36E -> 80F/85E

36F -> 80G/85F

36G -> 80H/85G




38DD -> 85E/90D

38E -> 85F/90E



40C- > 90C/95B

40D -> 90D/95C

40DD -> 90E/95D

40E -> 90F/95E