Our Story

We pursue artisanal brands that are 100% talent and 0% pretence. Everything on Deep Statement is handmade to the finest standards.

We want to reengage with the human element of excellent design and craftsmanship - and away from the almost corporate department store marble floors. This gave birth to the idea of creating a store that would carry hidden treasures, carefully handmade by phenomenal designers and brands who have had less exposure. If the LV canvass and red and green stripes, albeit glorious, are starting to be a little too omnipresent for you, but you are still looking for outstanding quality - you're in the right place.

The first line of enquiry were statement necklaces: it was so hard to find one that is made of truly luxurious materials.

We aspire to create an oasis of brands covering various genres such as lingerie, occasion wear and cashmere in this same way. We have recently added handmade skincare products. It takes a lot of meticulous research and iterations to bring only the finest brands under the Deep Statement roof. The mission is to bring true exclusivity and quality into light.

We are located in Dublin and Kilkenny, Ireland.

We will soon be adding more excellent brands.


Janise Burrafato of Mama in Heels loved our Adele in Warm Chalcedony

The editor of the Barcelonian Only Dope Fashion managed to take a shot of Deep Statement's Water Lilies that got nearly 4,000 likes

Clare McCarthy, who leads Ireland's favourite mother and daughter blog, was overwhelmed with the quality of Deep Statement pieces