Forget Iron: Here Comes The Bauble Lady

Today Theresa May was formally appointed as the second female prime minister of the United Kingdom in a turbulent post-Brexit political scene. Politics is outside the scope of my discussion. But necklaces aren't! Theresa May's necklace choices contain a few interesting style lessons. She loves baubles and they looks different with every outfit she wears!

theresa may statement necklace baubles

This bauble look is both minimalist and luxurious. Super classy. Deep Statement carry two necklaces that serve this purpose in luxurious black agate, grey hematite and white opal.

agate black statement necklacegrey hematite statement necklacetheresa may bauble necklace

She also wears gemstones, coloured pearls and horn necklaces.

theresa may statement necklace

See similar necklaces below:

pearl statement necklacebone statement necklacehorn and wood statement necklace

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